The Hal Junior series

Free novel writing software
by Spacejock Software
Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac

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yWriter is available in several versions:

yWriter7 for Windows 7 and newer (includes Windows 10)

yWriter6 for Windows Vista (and newer)

yWriter5 for Windows XP (and newer)

yWriter for Android**

yWriter for IOS**

yWriter MacOS** (Still in Beta)

Of you might prefer to try Scrivener (not my software, but popular on the Mac)

yWriter5 BETA, yWriter6 and yWriter7 are all identical in operation. They're just compiled for different versions of Windows. (yWriter5 and yWriter6 don't work as well with unicode character sets.)

** Mobile versions of yWriter are designed for editing your PC projects on the go, using Google Drive or Dropbox.

Primary download site: yWriter3 Full Install (3mb)

1) Download the installation file. Locate the file and run your normal anti-virus scan on it. Once you're happy it's free of viruses, run the installation file. You should see something like this:

Click Yes to proceed or No to cancel.

Instead of the above, Windows may throw up a warning similar to the one below:

At this point you either trust me (and my company, Spacejock Software) and click 'Yes', or you click 'No' and delete the installer. That's up to you - just bear in mind I set up this website over twenty years ago, and if I was offering dodgy software someone would have closed it down by now, wouldn't they? I'm also an author with almost thirty novels in print, and my reputation matters to me!

2) Follow the prompts to set it up. (The defaults are fine)
3) Locate the Spacejock Software entry in your start menu. The program you just installed will have an entry there. Click the program icon to run it.

System Requirements:
Visual Basic 6 runtimes (included in the installer)
Any version of Windows, right back to Win 95. (e.g. Win95, Win98, Win2K, XP, Vista, etc)

Hardware: if you're running Windows, you can run my programs.

Vista users should read these additional comments.

Linux users: This app installs and run under Wine, at least on Ubuntu 7.10

You can run my programs from a memory stick. See How to run your applications from a thumb drive for more info