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Spacejock Software and Vista

All Spacejock Software programs have been updated to work with Vista. However, you'll find notes on specific programs below.

FCharts SE and Pro
When you perform a complete install of FCharts into an empty folder (e.g. C:\Programs\FCharts), the first time you run the application it will create a folder called FCharts in your Documents path. All settings, data and logs will be stored in this new folder, and nothing will be written to the FCharts program folder.
However, if you're transferring your data from another PC and you copy the old FCharts program folder (FCharts) into C:\Programs, when you run the program it will recognise that it should use this folder instead of setting up a new one in the Documents directory. To fix this, simply move the FCharts folder from C:\Programs to your Documents folder and THEN perform a fresh install of the program to C:\Programs\FCharts.

yRead1 and 2
Use the new yRead3 instead.

I recommend you install this app directly to your Documents folder.

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