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I have temporarily removed yWriter from the Play Store.

In 2020, Google changed the way apps access Google Drive. I wasted over a month trying to get yWriter to work with the new API, but it didn't happen.

My original plan for yWriter Android, back in the Android 4.0 days, was for users to save projects locally. Then Android 5 stopped this as well.

So what happens going forward?

Recently I did some work on yWriter Android, removing the Google Drive feature and adding an option to send the project via email (as an attachment) and also copy the project to the phone's clipboard as text. Next up is getting yWriter Android to open a YW6 or YW7 project when such a project is clicked - which may in fact allow it to open a file from Google Drive. This is in progress, and when it's ready I'll put yWriter back on the Play Store.

yWriter IOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod is available here.

I've been writing bits of my own novel every night on my tablet before going to sleep, and the convenience of having the latest version right there in my hands, and then back on my PC when I boot it up in the morning, is amazing. The all-in-one nature of the yw6 and yw7 formats means it's save to run your project right off cloud storage - on both PC and Android.

(Google Drive support is currently not working due to an API change.) Dropbox is still supported though.)

If you visit the store from a PC, don't be surprised if it says it's incompatible with your devices - mine says it, but when I visit the page with my phone/tablet/etc it's fine.

You can comment and leave your feedback on the yWriter Facebook page

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