A Riddle in Bronze

Freeware Utilities

These are minor utilities I put together for my own use. If you find them useful, great, but bear in mind I can't offer support.

Until you know exactly what each option does, I recommend you test these apps with a folder containing copies of files. For example, do not under any circumstances run any of these apps in C:\ or My Documents with recursion set to On. There is no way to undo the damage.

TextReplace (VB6)
This utility will allow you to search/replace across any number of text files, even inside nested directories. It'll work with linefeeds and carriage returns as well. Do not use with binary files - I have no idea what it would do to them. Also, I strongly suggest you copy all the files you intend to alter into a new, empty folder, and point TextReplace at that folder.

Renamer (dotnet)
This program has a couple of uses. The first is to bulk-rename files in a folder (and optionally in all subfolders). You can specify a string to find in the filename - not in the content - then specify a string to replace it with. The program will then rename all matching files. If the rename operation would generate duplicate filenames, it stops with a warning message.
The second part of this program is a filename formatter, where you can alter various parts of matching filenames, change the filenames to Sentence Case and so on.

Shifter (dotnet)
This simple app can be pointed at a folder, and it will scan that folder, move all files out of any subdirectories and then delete those subdirectories. This is an extremely dangerous program, so please use with care. Just remember it will irrevocably alter the folder you specify, deleting all subfolders and cramming all nested files into the root path.

yBackup (dotnet)
If you have CopyTo by VSO Software, this utility will allow you to backup folders larger than a single disk. What it does is to scan and analyse the contents of the specified folder(s), working out how best to fit them onto the least number of single-layer DVDs. Once you go ahead, you simply need to replace the disks as each is burned.
Files are stored as-is on the disks, with no special naming scheme or compression.