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I won't respond to any of the following:

• Emails offering services of any kind.

• Requests to link to my site. (Go right ahead).

• Anything to do with advertising.

• Employment. There's only me here, and I'm not hiring.

• Please don't ask me to link to your article or website.

• I'm not going to bundle your toolbar with my programs.

• The source code for my software is not available.

• I meant it about offering services. I mark them all as spam.

Now, on to the more complicated requests I tend to get:

• Your anti-virus software thinks there's a virus or a trojan in my software

Please contact the AV company instead of me. Submit the 'offending' program to them for further analysis, especially if the virus is 'win32.generic', which is shorthand for 'we don't know, maybe possibly it's a threat because it looks like something we once saw in a completely different program'.
This is why an AI will never rule the planet - they'd be too busy trying to tax ants for being six-legged humans.

• More than half my mail is related to yWriter

... and most of the questions have been answered already. Please check these sites before contacting me:
List of features I won't be adding.
• The yWriter Wiki (general help, getting started guide.)
• The yWriter google group (Discussions about yWriter, searchable.)
• For support with Android/iOS/MacOS versions of yWriter ONLY (not the Windows PC version), email Liz at or visit the mobile app support forum

• ... Finally!

Having covered all that (sorry, but I really am trying to save you time!), you can

If you include the word 'apricot' in your subject line the email will bypass my spam filters. This isn't essential, but it can avoid delays.