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Spacejock Software Contact Form

• This is a busy website which generates a lot of email queries. I can't always reply, but I do read everything. Please note the points below because they might save us both some time.

Entiendo Espa?ol

... but my replies will be in English. If you write to me in any other language I'll let google translate do its best.

• Emails which address one or two questions each are ten times more likely to get a response.

Yes, really, I prefer lots of short emails, even from the same person. If you send one email with five questions, I won't reply until I can address all of them - which is never. If you send 5 separate emails, I'll reply to bits when I can.

• More than half my mail is related to yWriter

... and most of the questions have been answered already. Please check these sites before contacting me:
List of features I won't be adding.
• The yWriter Wiki (general help, getting started guide.)
• The yWriter google group (Discussions about yWriter, searchable.)

• All links to my website are welcome ... no need to ask.

If linking to my software, please send visitors to the download page rather than linking to the file itself. That page contains important information and links to help and support.

• I'm not interested in selling advertising spots on my website.

If you want to advertise here, just do it through Google Adsense.

• I'm not interested in bundling other software with mine.

Just no. Emailing more than once just gets you blocked.

• I'm not interested in SEO offers, and I'm not looking to hire anyone.

There's only me here, and I do everything myself.

• I'm not going to link to your article on some completely unrelated topic.

If I find something interesting I'll share it.

• I don't release the source code for my software.

... and it's free as in gratis, not 'Free' as in open source. (I have been asked to clarify that.)

• MacOS and GNU/Linux users can run most of my apps under Wine or Mono.

... it does seem to depend on the version of mono, the operating system, and many other variables. Eventually I hope to write native versions for each platform, but not yet.

• ... Finally!

Having covered all that (sorry, but I really am trying to save you time!), you can If you include the word 'binary' in your subject line the email will bypass my spam filters. This isn't essential, but it can avoid delays.