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yWriter Android released

I've just released the first public beta of yWriter Android.

This version supports google drive for loading and saving, and is compatible with the current release of yWriter6, which contains the new yw6 file format.

I've been writing bits of my own novel every night on my tablet before going to sleep, and the convenience of having the latest version right there in my hands, and then back on my PC when I boot it up in the morning, is amazing. The all-in-one nature of the yw6 format means it's save to run your project right off google drive - on both PC and Android.

First you need to go here and accept the play store beta terms.

After that, the store page should allow you to buy a copy.

If you visit the store from a PC, don't be surprised if it says it's incompatible with your devices - mine says it, but when I visit the page with my phone/tablet/etc it's fine.

Bear in mind it's still Beta software, and there will probably be bugs, incompatibilities and other dramas. However, by getting in early you can influence the future direction. I'm determined to make this thing great, I just need your patience in the early stages when (hopefully) a whole lot more people start subjecting the app to various stresses and strains.

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Posted 06 July, 2017 . . .
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