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Spacejock Software Privacy Policy

Spacejock Software is a one-man outfit. It's just me, Simon Haynes, and while I'm happy to share my work with you, and hope you find it useful, I have no interest in collecting data about you. I'm not concerned what you use my programs for, what your email address is, where you work and live, what your favourite drink is* or anything else about you.

I don't collect data on users, other than general website statistics (page hits, that kind of thing), and all my programs store data where you tell them to ... ie. locally, on your own device, or in the cloud if you choose to save to Google Drive, Dropbox or similar. Either way, I have no access to your data, your files, your computer, or anything else.

When you use the 'Check for Update' button in my Windows programs, your PC retrieves a text file from my site which contains details of the latest version available. Your information is not transmitted to my site.

I hope that clarifies my privacy policy, but you're welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

* Mine's instant coffee, white with 1/8 spoon of sugar)