The Dragon and Chips series

FCharts Data Importing Tutorials

These pages show a step-by-step guide for first time users.
The examples given are for the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)

Example Three

In this example we will download and import a sample database (This will overwrite any existing data, don't follow this example if you have already set up a database)

You're about to replace several database files, so first you must exit from FCharts.

Next, retrieve the sample database package (Approx 4mb) Once downloaded, run the file to start the installation. It will default to your FCharts folder, where it will unpack a company database and a series of price data files.

Once the installer has finished, re-run FCharts. You'll notice that the drop-down list of titles has been filled up, and there are 1200+ stocks in the database. They're not up to date, but you can experiment with scanning and trade testing.

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