The Hal Spacejock series

Freeware pdb, text, html and rtf ebook reader software
by Spacejock Software
Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac


yBookmaker can be used to make ebooks for sale, but it's also useful when distributing copies of your work to friends and family for comment. Put their name in the text and give them a unique password, and you'll be discouraging wholesale sharing of your early drafts.

yBookMaker allows you to publish your work as an e-book which anyone can read using the FREE yBook reader. Well, almost anyone - with yBookMaker you can decide on the level of protection for your work, from none at all to a password-protected file with your customer's name and address compiled right in.

yBookmaker will read HTML files as well as plain text (TXT) files. If you are using a word processor which can save to HTML (e.g. MS Word) you can use Bold, Italics and Underline throughout your file, save it as HTML then read it straight into yBookMaker. Your finished ebook will then contain the same formatting.

Now free!
Just download and install the latest version of yBook. The yBookmaker program is included in the same package.

yBookmaker allows you to choose whether end-users can print a hardcopy of your book or not. yBook has a print facility, but you can turn it on or off per book.

If you're selling e-books, the last thing you want is for the person who buys a copy to send it out to all their family and friends. With yBookMaker you can encrypt someone's identity (Name, address, etc) into each copy of your e-book before you send it to them, which should make them think twice about distributing it. You can also protect each copy with individual passwords, so even if the book is copied off someone's computer without their knowledge, it cannot be opened on another machine!

Important Note: Nothing is 'uncrackable', but yBookmaker will stop casual copying. After all, if someone's really determined they can re-type your work off the screen!

What's a BFL/BRN file? Plain text files don't allow formatting like Bold and Italic, nor special features like centering or page breaks. In order to make the yBook a complete 'book' emulator, I needed these features so that authors could start chapters on new pages (for example). My yBookMaker software will take a text file or HTML file and compile it into an encrypted file. The author can also add a unique password to every file, and even include the buyer's name and other details in the document and associated key file to make people think twice before distributing an e-book which the author wants to sell.

Why didn't I just use MS Word 'Doc' files, or adobe 'PDF' files? Because they're proprietary formats, for one. They also have a load of features I don't need and you can get readers for those formats elsewhere.