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Compatible with Windows 98 and newer.

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A note about the next version I started work on BookDB3 a couple of years ago, but haven't had time to finish it off. I've uploaded an early test version which will import your BookDB2 data and allow you to test the new user interface and features, but development has pretty much stalled. (I only have so much time to work on my software.)
However, if enough people register BookDB I'll resume work and finish the updated version off. Therefore, if you're a regular user of BookDB2 I encourage you to register if possible.

Current version: 2.2.44

Updated on: Jul 11, 2020

Direct download: Update file (Download and run to update your copy of this program)

Change Log:

2.2.44 Can now be registered using your BookDB3 registration code
2.2.40 Removes empty 'second author' entries created on import.
2.2.39 Fixed barcode label printing
2.2.37 You can now print a list of Copies. Added an indonesian translation sent in by a user.
2.2.32 Bugfix for Overflow with large barcodes in 2.0.29
2.2.30 Bugfix for loans/returns problem in 2.0.29
2.2.29 You can now change the barcode for each copy, with a new max of 20 alphanumeric characters
2.2.27 Enabled all the Function Keys on the Loan Entry form
2.2.25 Fixed the location display on the copies list.
2.2.24 Added a Locations column to the main screen 'Copies' list
2.2.22 Added '@@edition@@' as a valid field in the html export templates.
2.2.20 You can now select and delete more than one category at a time
2.2.18 Fixed a problem with importing copies - now checks the bookid exists.
2.2.17 You can now import copies with barcodes/copy IDs. See the help file.
2.2.14 Added MSCOMCTL to the installer (missing runtime)
2.2.13 Removed the '& Unknown' entries which cropped up after a LibraryThing import
2.1.101 Fixed a filter bug with 2.1.100
2.1.100 You can now import borrowers, and there's a new 'loaned items' list.
2.1.98 Fixed 2nd Author issue in exported file
2.1.96 Version 2.1.94 said backups had failed when they hadn't, and vice versa. Fixed.
2.1.94 Added an example HTML export report (one book per line) to the manual
2.1.88 See the help file for information on user-defined HTML exporting
2.1.87 Now supports the LibraryThing 'stars' field (uses the 'points' field)
2.1.86 Please BACK UP your database (DAT files) before using Import!
2.1.85 Added a LibraryThing importer, and improved the regular importer (see help file)
2.1.84 Author list now shows a couple of extra columns
2.1.82 Put the filters on the main screen
2.1.81 Added a right-click 'Add all selected books to category' menu item
2.1.80 Fixed the ISBN lookup function - should work a lot better now.
2.1.79 Minor fix to A buttons to support ISBN-13

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