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yGen2 by Spacejock Software

Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and newer.

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What's new in yGen2?
• Conditional includes - reuse the same includes but set their behaviour with variables.
• Per-page variables.
• New streamlined editor.
• Faster, leaner, meaner.

About yGen
yGen came about when I realised most of my web pages had multiple repeated elements. E.g. the header, menu bar, sidebar and so on. So, yGen is a combination text editor and compiler, generating finished files (be they html, text, php or any extension you like) from template files and includes. Includes can be nested, allowing you to build complex files from duplicated parts - without manually duplicating anything.

yGen is not a wysiwyg web site creation tool. All coding is by hand so knowledge of html syntax is essential. Update: Check the yGen Screenshots page and you'll discover the editor now has push-buttons for commonly used tags. If you write your sites by hand, yGen could save you a lot of time. I also use yGen to create all my PAD and RSS files - it's not just for web sites, it can be used to build any kind of text file.

yGen has a few other tools: upload selected or all files to your site (via FTP), automatically add 'title' tags to all links (improves visibility in search engines), direct editing of css and include files, link highlighting, table building wizard and more.

I wrote yGen for my own use, but several people have emailed to ask what it is (having seen the 'generated with yGen' button on my web pages). Therefore I've tidied it up a bit so others can use it too.