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Spacejock Software Runtimes Page


Most of these fixes apply to Windows 98 and Windows XP. I'm leaving the page up for historical reasons, but I don't recommend following any of these instructions on newer operating systems.

Your computer may not have the latest versions of essential operating system files, or in some cases they might not be installed at all. This page has been set up to help you download and install any files you may need to get one of my programs working.
Probably the easiest way to get the runtimes you need is to download and install the Spacejock Install Center. Using this program, you can select which of my programs you're trying to run, then scan for and install any missing runtimes automatically. See the install center page here: Spacejock Install Center

If you'd rather install the runtimes manually please look for the symptom below, then follow the cure.

You get a 'Missing or Outdated MSFLXGRD or TABCTL32' message when you try to access a particular feature. Cure
You get an "msvbvm60.dll" error Cure
You have a zombie Survival Crisis Z problem Cure
You get the message msvbvm60.dll has caused an error Cure
McAfee wrecked your Windows XP SP3 install by deleting svchost.exe Cure
You get a DAO or JET error message when you start the program Cure

Symptom: You get an msvbvm60.dll error
Download the VB6 runtime for your version of Windows from, then try the program again.
Symptom: you get an error message about DAO or JET when you start FCharts
FCharts (Pro and SE) can use a Microsoft JET database engine internally to store data, although the default is to use my own database which doesn't need additional software. If you have to use JET for some reason, and the drivers are missing from your PC, you can download the MDAC and JET runtimes for your version of from

Symptom: you get a message about the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 when you try to run one of my programs.
I'm gradually converting my apps to dotnet 2.0, and older versions of Windows require the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 in order to run them. You can download this file from
Symptom: you're desperate to play Survival Crisis Z but keep getting error messages.

Okay, SCZ is nothing to do with me, or Spacejock Software, or this website, but I do keep getting emails from people looking for a file called 'AllRuntimes.exe'. Well, here it is. Enjoy the zombie blasting!
Symptom: You get an error message when you try to access a particular feature
These are standard Windows components. Just download the one(s) you need, then extract to your Windows System path. (System32 on NT-based systems such as Windows 2000 and XP) If you can't access your Windows System path, in some cases you can just extract them to the program path. You will need an unzipper such as Winzip to extract them.


Symptom: installing Windows XP-SP2 causes the error message STOP: 0x00000007E (more numbers) after a reboot
Symptom: The mouse doesn't work properly in Corel Draw 12, CorelDraw 9 or on the dividing bar in Windows help files.
Another one which has nothing to with my software. This one has been driving me crazy for several months, and I just found the answer. (Same thing happened to me about 2 years ago, and I reinstalled Windows and all my apps to 'fix' it.)
Symptoms: You draw a box in Corel. You put the mouse over the drag mark (x in the middle.) You click and try to drag, but instead of moving the box it draws a selection box. When you try to resize artistic text it's freehand instead of sticking to the same aspect ratio. It renders the program completely unusable, and the culprit is Microsoft's Intellimouse software. How do you fix this evil problem? Open the Intellimouse control panel, find the Activities tab, and locate the ClickLock option. Now, on mine it was showing as being disabled, so I enabled it, then clicked apply, then disabled it and clicked apply again. Corel now works fine. You might wonder how I discovered that THIS was the setting that was causing me so much grief. The short answer is that I already tried everything else, from video drivers to program patches to replacement mice (yes, Intellimouse wrecks Corel with those too!)
Anyway, I hope this saves someone else months of anger. And it'll probably turn up as a search result the next time it goes wrong and I'm trying to find the solution. (Which is why this is on my web page.)
Symptom: In Windows 7 you find svchost -k netsvcs is taking 100% CPU and is gradually eating all your ram.
Wow, did this one give me some grief. My Windows PC would get slower and slower, and task manager (show tasks from all users) would show this svchost -k netsvcs using 100% of one of my CPU cores and upwards of 3 gigs of ram.

Was it a virus? Was it malware? NO, it was Windows. I have system sounds switched off AND I have the system sounds slider set to 'mute' in the audio control panel (because they keep coming back again, like vampires or zombies or cockroaches.) Anyway, I finally realised there's a special task in the Windows Task Scheduler which runs the SystemSoundsService when a user logs in. Except I have sounds switched off, so it jams up.

Solution? Run the task scheduler and when the list of tasks finally appears (takes forever), scroll down to SystemSoundsService. Double-click it. Then double-click it again in the new window which (eventually) appears and select the Triggers tab then double-click the 'At Log On' like and uncheck 'Enable'

Reboot (if your PC is already clogged up with the service) and enjoy.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.