AntiBrowser2 by Spacejock Software

Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and newer.

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What is AntiBrowser for? Anyone with a deadline and a web addiction!

You know the story. You're busy working on your novel and you decide to 'just check' something on the web. Two hours later you're sated with trivial news and your FaceSpace/MyBook/Twotter is fully up to date. Shame about the novel.

In the past I've resorted to pulling the network cable out of my PC, but that messes up my network shares and backups. So, I decided to write the Anti-Browser. It took me about twenty minutes to develop, time I should have spent on the novel ...

After you've installed it, run AntiBrowser and click Help then Setup Tips. It will show you how to change your browser quick-launch/desktop icon. You will also need to check or set the path to your browser exe file (the default is Firefox, and should work as-is)

Now, when you launch your browser for a 'quick session', AntiBrowser will run instead. It will display a random 12 digit code, and you have to type the code and click Run Browser to get to the life-sucking time-wasting internet. If you decide it wasn't that important after all, just click the Forget It button.

Hope it helps you as much as it helps me ...


If you reinstall your browser you'll probably have to update the shortcuts again.

Removing and Uninstalling AntiBrowser

If you want to get rid of it, just modify your browser shortcuts so they point directly to the browser exe file once more. Then run the AntiBrowser uninstaller.