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Donation buttons

I've toyed with donation buttons for my software before (and I suspect some of the help files still have them in from the last time I experimented with the idea), but this time I have a specific goal in mind.

First, I still get emails from people asking me why there's no donation option for all my free software. Well, that one's now sorted.

Second, I want to get my hands on Visual Studio 2008 professional so that I can investigate producing versions of my most popular apps for handhelds running Windows mobile. This development suite costs well over a thousand dollars here in Australia, and I can't justify spending that amount. (It's not just for handhelds ... VS2008 pro will help in the development of all my apps.)

It's not just VS2008 ... donations allow me to devote more time to quickstart guides and help files, writing new versions of my programs, and coming up with new apps and articles to help writers and readers worldwide.

So, the donation buttons are back, and I won't complain if anyone uses them.

This software is free to download and use, and this page explains why.


Posted March 1, 2008 . . .
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