The Hal Spacejock series
This guide starts with two sections: First, how to load an existing project. Second, how to create a new one.

Loading an existing project

This section assumes you're already editing a project on the PC or Mac version of yWriter, and you want to transfer it to your device.

Dropbox is the only cloud storage option for yWriter IOS at this stage. So, on the PC or Mac, you need to copy your project to a Dropbox folder. The Android version also supports Google Drive.

The portable versions of yWriter require a version 6 or 7 project file. If you're still using a YW5 project file, see the conversion notes below.

On the IOS/Android device, tap Open Project. Choose Dropbox (or Google Drive), and then sign in. Next, navigate to the folder containing your project, tap it, and then tap Open.

Creating a new project

On the IOS/Android device, tap Create Project. Choose Dropbox (or Google Drive), and then sign in. Next, specify a filename, and accept it.

The Main Screen

From left to right, the icons across the top are as follows:

Add Chapter
Add Scene
Add Character
Add Location
Add Item
Next you have Save As and Save.

(Some of these may be represented with text instead of icons, or present in a drop-down menu.

The main screen is divided into quarters: From top-left, working clockwise, they are...
Chapter list
Scenes in selected chapter
Title and content of select scene
Characters/Locations/Items/Notes attached to the selected scene OR in the entire project if no scene is selected. (Tap the list title to cycle through the different lists.)

Once you know what everything is, the rest is simple, because the concept is the same as the desktop version:

Add chapters, add scenes to the chapters, tap a chapter or scene then click Edit to change the details or enter content. Select a scene or chapter, tap Move, then tap the destination. Add Characters and Locations and so on.

I suggest you create a new, empty project and experiment. Save often, and make sure you don't open the same project on mobile and desktop versions at the same time.

Converting from yWriter5 projects
If you're still using the older YW5 project format you first need to convert your project to the newer YW6 or YW7 style. This process is different depending on which version of yWriter you have:
yWriter5 PC: Cannot save to newer formats. Install yWriter6 or 7.
yWriter6 PC: Under the Project menu, click Version 6 Files then Save current project in yw6 format.

yWriter7 PC/Mac: Click Project - Project Settings - Misc Settings. Change the format from YW5 to either YW6 or YW7, then click Save.

Now you have a file you can edit on portable devices.