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yWriter Registration

If you use yWriter6 regularly you're encouraged to register. The more people register, the more time and resources I can devote to improving the software.

Depending on how many people register, my future plans include a tree view for chapters and scenes, adding notes to the scene list, collaborative writing, proofing and editing tools ... and maybe even the long-requested 'suggest alternative spelling' feature. I have plenty more ideas, but until now I've not had the time to tackle them.

Gold registration also entitles you to discounts on my manuscript evaluation and ebook creation services ... see the FAQ below.

yWriter Registration ($11.95 or $24.95)

After payment your code will be sent automatically via email.
Any problems, please contact me
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Frequently Asked Questions

I thought yWriter6 was free?
It is, and registration is optional. It's just a way of showing your support.

Why start charging now?
I'm not. I'm encouraging people to contribute but there's no obligation.

Okay, but you're still asking for money.
Here's the thing: yWriter5 already does everything I need, but people keep asking for new features. Instead of writing new novels I've been writing and supporting new versions of yWriter. If enough people register I'll have all the incentive I need to improve yWriter for years to come.

If I pay, will you add feature X?
It doesn't work like that. As I said, yWriter is already good enough for a working novelist. After that, some of the features start to get a little ... exotic.

What about Mac/iPad/Android support?
I'm working on Android support right now (June 2017). iOS support requires me to buy Mac hardware, which means it'll come later if enough people support me through my Patreon page, or via donations and registrations.

Why is registration only $11.95? Isn't yWriter worth more?
You're not buying the software, you're supporting the developer.
If you really think yWriter is worth more than $11.95 you're welcome to choose the Gold registration.

I made a donation in the past. Doesn't that count?
Yes, and I appreciate it. Unfortunately I don't have any way to link up past donations with the new registration system.
However, if you donated $11.95 or more in the past just email me your Paypal receipt and I'll send you back a registration code.

I don't have any money/can't make a payment. Will you keep nagging me?
Absolutely not. yWriter says 'Unregistered Version' in the main screen title bar (after the author and novel information.) That's it. No popups, no adverts, no opening of unexpected browser windows.

What do I get when I register?
You get a serial number which you can enter into the program, converting it into the registered version.
In future it's possible registered users will have early access to beta releases.
There may also be new and extended features which will only be available to registered users.
But for now, you're just showing your support and helping me to improve the software.

Gold? Silver? What's the difference?
Gold members are entitled to a discount on my manuscript evaluation service.
They also get a discount on my ebook creation service.
Keep an eye out for more benefits in future.

If I pay for Silver now, can I upgrade to Gold later?
Yes, I'm sure I can work something out.

This sounds too commercial for me. I'm off.
Look, some people will be annoyed about 'Registered' versus 'Unregistered' software, but I promise you're not losing any functionality. Many 'free' programs include pay-per-install toolbars, adware and other rubbish and yWriter has never done that - and never will.