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What is SalesScanner?

If you've published to an online bookseller like KDP or Smashwords, you'll know that you can download spreadsheets with your sales figures. The problem is, it's hard to pick out trends and aggregates from an overwhelming list of figures.
SalesScanner is designed to import those spreadsheets and display the information in easy-to-read summaries.

This software does not require access to your book seller accounts.

It just imports and processes downloaded spreadsheets. None of your data is transmitted to Spacejock Software .

Which sites are supported?

Currently, Sales Scanner will import sales reports from:
• Amazon KDP
• Google Play Store
• Smashwords

How does it work?

It just loads the latest copy of each store's spreadsheet from a specified folder and extracts the figures.
If you edit the ASIN translation table for your books, you can aggregate the same titles from different retailers.

Quick start instructions:

Download and run the installer from the DOWNLOAD PAGE, or grab the zip file from the same place and unpack into an empty folder.

Run the software and the settings page will show up.
Change the Download path if it's incorrect, then click OK.
The download path should match the location your browser saves files to.

Now run SalesScanner, and you'll see a blank screen. The software won't do anything until you download a report file.

Next, open the KDP dashboard in your web browser and follow these instructions:

• In your browser, go to the 'Sales Dashboard' tab on KDP
• Select 'Month to Date' from the dropdown, and click Update. (You can use any time period).
• Next, click the Generate Report underneath the Royalties Earned table
• When the File Save dialog appears, SAVE THE FILE instead of opening it.)

If SalesScanner is running and the download path is correct, the data should now appear.

To import from Google Play, download the second report in their dropdown list. (Sales Transaction Report.) Save this file to the same folder SalesScanner is importing from. Don't change the file name.


If no data appears, make sure the program is scanning the right folder.
Failing that, check the log file. (Tools - Debug - View Log).
The Download folder in the SalesScanner settings must match the location you're saving the KDP reports to
The program doesn't store data. If you download a report containing 7 days of data, there's no point trying to view the 30 day report in SalesScanner.

If you want more, the registered version includes these additional features:

• A daily sales tab, with a sum of sales per day, and a rolling seven day average. (See at a glance if your overall sales are rising or falling.)
• A sellthrough tab showing the books in each of your series, along with the percentage of sales versus the previous book. (You need to define your series manually for now, but this is being added to the program.)

• Boxed sets will also have their sales figures incorporated into the sellthrough algorithm for each book in the set.

Features to be added:

Editing of box sets and series within the software.
KDP paperback sales