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SalesReporter takes those monthly reports from Amazon KDP, Smashwords and Kobo, and turns them into something much more useful: all-time sales per title and country, total sales by month, and so on.
It's a simple little program but it's essential if you want to delve into your ebook sales statistics. For example, can you tell me whether you sold more ebooks total in January than you did last month? With SalesReporter you can.

SalesReporter also allows you to combine product codes from different online bookstores, so you can combine sales of the same title across all stores.

So how do you use it? First, you need to load each of the Amazon XLS files into Excel or OpenOffice, and then click File - Save As. Choose the CSV file type and click Save. This will save the report in a format SalesReporter can understand

(Take note of the folder you saved the CSV files to, because you'll need that in a minute.)

Next, run SalesReporter and click File - Import CSV. Locate the folder containing one or more CSV files, and select them all. Click Open to import. First time around I suggest you just import one file, so you can compare the figures in SalesReporter with the data in the spreadsheet.

Once you're happy, import the rest.

Note that Amazon changed their spreadsheet format after November 2011. SalesReporter will handle both automatically, but I will need to update the program if Amazon changes their reports again. I've only tested it back to September 2011 - if older files are different again, you may not be able to import them.

One final comment - before importing new data I recommend clearing all existing data. Importing is quick, and this avoids a problem with the Smashwords importer where you might end up with duplicate records.