I'm Simon Haynes.
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On this site you'll find my free software including favourites like yWriter, yBook, FCharts and more.

Are you looking for a freelance programmer? I occasionally take on additional projects, conversions, etc.

I'm also an author, with five sf comedy novels in print (details, Kindle) and a junior science fiction series for ages 8+ (details, Kindle).

I think they call that multitasking. I call it a lot of work.

Why Free?

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FCharts SE
FCharts Pro
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New Release!

Off Course

FCharts Pro Stock Charting Software
by Spacejock Software
Runs on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac

FCharts Pro has been superseded by FCharts 2 Pro. I recommend you download and install the newer version instead.

Click here for FCharts Pro pricing

I'm providing this free trial so you can check out the extra features in FCharts Pro without having to read dozens of boring web pages. Most people are honest so the following might seem like a pretty obvious thing to say, but I'd like to ask you not to register for a trial version more than once. I put in many hours every week supporting and improving my programs, and I think the selling price of FCharts Pro is more than fair.

The trial version is FCharts 1, not FCharts 2

Cautious about handing out your email address? See below for my privacy policy.
Submit your name and email to receive a Trial Version registration code. Enter this code into FCharts SE and you will be able to use the full FCharts Pro version for a period of twelve days (I know it's supposed to be a seven day trial, but who doesn't like a bit extra for free?)

After your trial period expires the program will revert to the FCharts SE version. You will still be able to use your settings and database afterwards, and if you purchase an FCharts Pro registration there's no reinstalling required ... you can use the same data after registration too.

Your trial period starts from the moment you enter the registration code into your copy, not from the time you request a code.

The fully registered version of FCharts Pro does NOT require an internet connection for registration or usage. Only the trial version has that restriction.

Your name:
Your email:
Enter your email again:
A valid email address is essential, since your trial code will be delivered there.

Avoid hotmail and yahoo addresses if possible, because your trial code may never arrive. It seems they mis-identify them as spam. Try it first by all means - you can always resubmit with another email address if the code never turns up.

Spacejock Software Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy, and only need your details to process your registration. Your email and/or name will NOT be used for anything else. No followup emails with stunning specials, no buy two get one free rubbish, no adverts thinly disguised as newsletters... NOTHING I'm happy to let my work speak for itself

I realise these are just words on a screen, but I get so much rubbish in my inbox that I'd never dream of bombarding other 'net users with the same kind of junk.