Special Offer

Custom Spreadsheets

Sometimes a computer program is overkill, and you just need a quick spreadsheet to do projections, tabulate sales, work out commissions or maintain your accounts. I've been designing and working with spreadsheets since the late 1980's, and I'm offering my services to help you.

(I also offer a freelance programming service if you need something more complex.)

What I'm offering:
I can create spreadsheets for your personal or business use, and I can also edit existing spreadsheets to suit your growing needs.
My clients fall into two camps: people who don't know how to create a spreadsheet (and don't want to learn!), and those who are too busy to do it for themselves.

What sort of thing can I help with?
• Improving, modifying and upgrading existing spreadsheets.
• Debugging and optimising spreadsheets.
• Data manipulation & databases.
• Spreadsheets for mail merge applications.
• (I can also create the mail merge document/envelopes.)
• Spreadsheets for record keeping.

I'm easy to work with and I understand that not everyone is a computer geek. Contact me, give me a rough idea what you're after and the budget you have in mind. If it's something I can handle for the price we can take it from there.

Once the job is completed to your satisfaction, payment is made and you get the finished spreadsheet in XLS format. This leaves you free to employ other programmers to work on the same spreadsheet in future.

Rates and payment
We agree on a price and I deliver. There are no revised estimates after I start work, unless you revise the requirements. I accept payment via Paypal, major credit cards and BPAY.

My working environment:
I'm based in Western Australia but my timetable is flexible and I'm willing to work with anyone, wherever you're located.

I won't reveal who I'm working for, discuss projects with others, steal source code, release other people's work as my own or hold you to ransom. I recognise the value of intellectual property.

Hope to hear from you soon!