FCharts 1.6 Series Beta Test

This is the most recent TEST version of FCharts. If you want to try it while still running your existing stable version, you can duplicate your FCharts folder in the Program Files directory and extract the new zip file into the copy of the folder.

If you choose to download the installer, please be sure to change the default install path so as not to overwrite your existing setup.

To view updates and changes to this version of FCharts, view the readme.txt file.

Download and extract over your existing program to update. You can choose from a ZIP file or a self-installing EXE file. (The latter is recommended for most users, as it automates the process)
FCharts TEST (ZIP file)
June 09 2017 07:44:07 2.4 MB

FCharts TEST (Installer)
September 17 2018 18:25:19 1.62 MB

Disclaimer: I can't accept responsibility for lost data - There is no substitute for having backups.